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Rather than have to lookup the role information in the database on every request, the Roles framework includes an option to cache the user's roles in a cookie.

If the Roles framework is configured to cache the user's roles in a cookie, the class to determine the user's roles. Figure 2: The User's Role Information Can Be Stored in a Cookie to Improve Performance (Click to view full-size image) By default, the role cache cookie mechanism is disabled.

It can be enabled through the Note The configuration settings listed in Table 1 specify the properties of the resulting role cache cookie.

For more information on cookies, how they work, and their various properties, read this Cookies tutorial. The path attribute enables a developer to limit the scope of a cookie to a particular directory hierarchy.

For details, see Always Encrypted (Database Engine). NET Framework Data Provider for SQL Server describes a collection of classes used to access a SQL Server database in the managed space.

Using the Sql Data Adapter, you can fill a memory-resident Data Set that you can use to query and update the database.

Here, we use a template field inside a grid view control.

Inside the template field, we place an item template for displaying records from the database at runtime.

The good news is that the tools at our disposal for applying authorization rules work equally well with roles as they do for user accounts.

Note that these settings cannot be used to bypass encryption and gain access to plaintext data.

For details, see Always Encrypted (Database Engine)Specifies that Always Encrypted functionality is enabled in a connection.

In addition to URL authorization, we also looked at declarative and programmatic techniques for controlling the data displayed and the functionality offered by a page based on the user visiting.

In particular, we created a page that listed the contents of the current directory.

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Italian Peninsula (Italy, Malta, San Marino, Vatican City)Rome, Florence, Venice and Pisa are on many travellers' itineraries, but these are just a few of Italy's destinations.

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Ask yourself this: would YOU take back anyone that you’ve dumped? Sure, at the time, I was reeling, and wishing things could be different.

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On 20 June 1757, he was betrayed by Mir Jafar to the East India Company under the command of Lord Robert Clive at Plassey.